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Project Description
While working on SharePoint publishing portals, many times we require the automated publishing of contents. I thought of writing script that has good options to choose from and, will automate the publishing of content.

Publishing script for SharePoint 2010 automates the publishing, approving of SharePoint contents like pages, xsl sheets and everything that is residing inside a document library with versioning and content approval enabled. Generally, in a SharePoint 2010 WCM development project, multiple items get checked out during development. Towards, the end of the project during deployment, the developer or tester has to manually find all the unpublished items. Checking in these items and approving those manually is a time consuming task. This script automates these all manual steps. You can use this script for “bulk publishing” of multiple documents on SharePoint 2010.

News :

If you are looking to Auto tag SharePoint 2010 document library contents, Please visit - SmartTag is a solution for Auto suggesting Terms when you are uploading documents to SharePoint document library, as well as bulk tagging of documents after migration.

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